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Application examples

Network can be used as a domestic 3D printing equipment and technology leader, providing all types of 3D printers for customers, covering the metal, plastic, resin, etc. various kinds of color 3D prin

  • Stereo to independent research and devel...

    Stereo to independent research and development of new PLA and 3D printer consumables, the perfect combination of the two, print large volume model will not crack, printing effect m...

    Stereo to independent research and development of new PLA material

  • Aviation area

    External validation, machine and parts appearance evaluation and testing, verification

    Aviation area

  • Entertainment area

    Stereo to independently developed no smell and no environmental pollution, low cost and high performance PLA special 3D printing supplies, printing effect is better, the advantages...

    Entertainment area

  • Home area

    Home users can use the 3D printer, print out all the daily common items, such as toys, clothing, shoes, bags, daily utensils, you only need to download or design their own model, i...

    Home area

  • Biological field hospital

    3D printing teeth, bones repair technology is very mature, and quickly spread in the Department of orthopedics, hospital of Stomatology Hospital, and 3D printing cells, soft tissue...

    Biological field hospital

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