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    Liwan District, Mayor led the research 3D printing industry park




    May 19 morning, Liwan District, Guangzhou City mayor Liu Jie led to a service-oriented manufacturing gathering area · 3D printing industrial park to carry out research, focused on understanding the park planning and construction and development of 3D printing business. Jiangzhi Tao, deputy head of Liwan District, the district government office, District Technology Industry Commerce and Information Bureau, Finance Bureau, Housing and Construction Bureau, Land and Resources and Planning Bureau, Dongsha Street and other relevant units responsible comrades attended the research.

    Liu Jie mayor visited the exhibition and 3D printing industrial park park Guangzhou WangNeng Design Co. LTD. Guangzhou Jie Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., Guangzhou-Jin Road Automatic Control Technology Co., Ltd. and other 3D printing companies showrooms and research room and held a forum in the park, listen to District Branch Industry and Commerce Bureau of the letter, the park and the formation history of the park business representatives, development planning, investment, business incubators, etc. report.

    Liu Jie mayor stressed Liwan District must give full play to the role of the platform and resources 3D printing industrial park, reinforcing the park industrial clustering effect, through the establishment of a special working group to increase parks and business tracking services and accelerate and strengthen scientific and technological innovation incubators enterprises, enhance the level of regional economic development. Park 3D printing industry to continue to develop into the depth, increased research efforts to build 3D printing research and development base. At the same time, to do the layout of the park, transform and upgrade the park's environment and space to make it more responsive to the development needs of 3D printing enterprises.

    Next, Liwan District will continue to further promote the service-oriented manufacturing industry agglomeration District, Guangzhou · 3D printing industrial park development, to build South China 3D printing service centers and service-oriented manufacturing demonstration platform for the development goals, develop Liwan 3D printing industry planning, increase investment talent recruitment efforts to lead the chain technology, the introduction of domestic and foreign excellent backbone enterprise 3D printing and 3D printing expertise to build R & D base in Liwan District 3D printing, 3D printing industry will become the most dynamic in our region the new format of economic, industrial 4.0 open new development model.

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