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    Leaders of science and Technology Department of Guangdong Province visited the park for investigation




    In order to understand the development status of laser and additive manufacturing industry cluster related enterprises and colleges and universities, financing needs and opinions and suggestions on the development of the cluster, on the morning of March 8th, Zhou Mutang, the second-level inspector of the Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology, and the Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology Deputy Director Liu Zhihui and Deputy Director Zhang Baishang of Guangdong Science and Technology Information Research Institute visited Guangzhou 3D Printing Industrial Park for investigation and inspection. The executive vice president and secretary general of Guangdong Additive Manufacturing Association, Chen Xiaochao, chairman of Guangzhou 3D Printing Industrial Park, and Chen Xiaoyue, deputy secretary general of Guangdong Additive Manufacturing Association, jointly received the reception.

    Chairman Chen Xiaochao introduced to Zhou Mutang inspector and other leaders in detail the establishment background, service characteristics, and industrial incubation of the park. He also led the delegation to visit the exhibition halls and enterprises in the park to further understand the difference between 3D printing and traditional crafts, their advantages and disadvantages, and the future development trend of 3D printing.

    Figure | Chairman Chen Xiaochao introduced 3D printed products to the inspector Zhou Mutang

    Visit Ruitong Company, Net Energy Company, Jiehe Company, Jingshi Company

    Figure | Wang Hongwei, Chairman of Ruitong Company, introduces metal 3D printing products to Inspector Zhou Mutang

    Figure | Deng Yixiang, General Manager of Net Energy Company, introduces 3D printing custom insoles to Inspector Zhou Mutang

    Figure | Li Yiqi, General Manager of Jiehe Company, introduces 3D printing products to Inspector Zhou Mutang

    Figure | Visiting the inspector of Zhou Mutang of Jingshi Company to experience 3D printing and scanning of human body

    Subsequently, the delegation participated in the symposium between the park and the company. Chen Dong of the 3D Printing Industry Park gave a detailed introduction to the leaders of the 3D printing industry in the fields of electronic information manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, new material manufacturing, aerospace and other fields, and reported The development of the park in recent years and future development plans are reviewed. Hearing some corporate reports at Jiehe Company. Li Yiqi, general manager of Jiehe Company, introduced the characteristics of 3D printing equipment, their applications in military industry, aerospace, nuclear power, medicine and jewelry, as well as their own company's production and operation status and future development plans.

    Finally, Inspector Zhou Mutang and other leaders fully affirmed the development of the park and the application of 3D printing technology in various fields of the park enterprises, and hoped that the park and enterprises will continue to summarize experience and innovative thinking to continue to help the application and development of 3D printing technology.