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    Leaders' concern: investigation and investigation of the park by the Standing Committee of Guangzhou Municipal People's Congress




    In order to understand the carrier development of related industrial parks in Liwan District, Guangzhou, the difficulties that exist in the parks, and relevant opinions and suggestions to the government. Zhou Jianjun, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Guangzhou Municipal People's Congress , visited the Guangzhou 3D Printing Industry Park on the morning of April 23, 2021 for research and exchange.

    Chairman Chen Xiaochao introduced the establishment background, service characteristics, and industrial incubation of the park to the deputy director Zhou Jianjun and other leaders in detail. And lead the test leaders to visit the company, let them further understand the development of the park and the future development trend of 3D printing application technology.


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    Afterwards, discussions and exchanges were held in the conference room of Jiehe Company. At the meeting, Deputy Director He of the Bureau of Science, Industry and Information Technology of Liwan District reported to the leaders of the Standing Committee of the Guangzhou Municipal People’s Congress on the " spatial layout of the Liwan District Industrial Park and the development of village-level industrial park renovation"; the chairman of the park Chen Xiaochao introduced the park’s recent developments to the leaders. Development and future development plans; Li Yiqi, general manager of Jiehe Company, introduced the characteristics of 3D printing equipment, their applications in military, manufacturing, medicine, jewelry and other fields, as well as their company's production and operation status and future development plans.

    Finally, Director Zhou and other leaders gave clear instructions and suggestions on the industrial development plan of Liwan District, and put forward suggestions and requirements for the future development of the park, and hoped that the park and enterprises would continue to sum up experience, innovative thinking, and continue to help the development of 3D printing technology. Application and development.

    Source: Guangzhou 3D Printing Industrial Park

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