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    3D printing filter allows radiation therapy more effective



    Department of Radiation Oncology Cancer Center Amsterdam VUMC is produced using 3D printers customizable filters cancer patients receive radiation.
    This nose model 3D printing is to print from special materials, in order to protect the surrounding treatment of superficial tumors from excessive radiation area.
    The use of CT scanning equipment to scan the patient to get the 3D data, the staff at VUMC of Radiation Oncology, and then use this data creating custom 3D
    3D printing filter.
    For patients, this means that 3D printing technology to provide a better fit larger equipment and radiation protection and without any additional difficulties.
    You first need to make an appointment to obtain a CT scan data, three-dimensional printing equipment with up to 0.1mm accuracy, such as the accuracy of the results, which are used
    Treatment of skin tumors located in vulnerable areas around the nose, eyes, ears are particularly important.
    3D printing technology can also instruct and bone structure around the tumor. Recently, 3D printing technology is used to support a complex robotic surgery,
    Physical 3D display skull and tumors is desirable.