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    ZBOT 3D printer successfully assist physicians ear plastic surgery




    Congenital ear deformities, which is more common surface deformities, currently the best surgical approach are: skin dilatation stent graft with autologous rib cartilage ear reconstruction surgery carried out in three phases:
    The first one: the ear tissue expander placement
    Section 2: stent implantation of autologous costal cartilage ear, ear reconstruction
    Section 3: trimming ear reconstruction surgery.
    Especially in the first three dressing auricular reconstruction surgery, doctors in the patient dressing operation, the other is normal in patients with ear reference plane photos dressing operation. As a reference to the picture plane,
    Doctors are hard to the left and right ears trimmed similar appearance will be enough to reach the desired outcome than patients, often resulting in medical malpractice and other issues.
    For the above, we use the "easy stereoscopic" 3D scanner to obtain three-dimensional data in patients with normal ears (just a minute or two), three-dimensional image data obtained by the patient can get the other side of the ear
    The three-dimensional data, and then import the "three-dimensional easy" 3D printer model in the ears of one to one printed. According to the doctor when you print three-dimensional model of the patient surgical dressing, can make reference to trim every angle. So do patients with normal ears with similar patients achieve the desired requirements!

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