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Commercial Flush F6
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Commercial Flush F6

3D Food Printer

Everyone will use the 3D printer

Everyone will use the 3D printer

 3D  Food Printer
Model F6
Forming Size(MM) 100x100x8
Physical Dimension(MM) 290x265x457
Machine Weight 4.5kg
Fluid Material Edible Water
Display Screen LCD Screen
Printing Speed 150-300mm/s(Adjustable)
Forming Technology FDM
Print Line Width Minimum Line Width 0.3 MM
Capacity Tank Capacity 220ml
Voltage / Power VAC 50/60Hz 110V--220V,120W
Connection USB, SD Card
Nozzle Operating Temperature Room Temperature
Noise 50--60DB
Working Temperature 15--32℃(60-90°F
File Format STL
Operating System Windows,Mac,Linux
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