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FDM 6080 Series
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FDM 6080 Series

Industrial grade 3D printers

Super Large-Scale Industrial Grade 3D Printer

Small and medium enterprises can afford affordable 3D printers

Industrial grade 3D printers
Model FDM60-8060 FDM 90-8060 FDM 120-8060 FDM 120-120120
Forming Size(MM) 800x600x600 800x600x900 800x600x1200 1200x1200x1200
Physical Dimension(MM) 1221x973x1843(With Pulley
Weight(kg) 150kg 160kg 180kg 200kg
Filament S-PLA
Display Color Touch Screen
Printing Speed 25mm/s--250mm/s Adjustable
Technology FDM
X/Y Precisions ±0.1--0.5mm/100mm(Determined By Speed And Model
Z Precisions 0.1--0.4mm(Determined By Speed And Model
Voltage VAC 50/60Hz 110V--220V,250W
Connection USB/SD
Nozzle Temp 180--250
Nozzle Size 0.4mm
Noise 50--60DB
Operating Temp 15--32℃(60-90°F
File Format STL
OS Windows,Mac,Linux
Power Off Dunction Customizable
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