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    • 招商加盟

    ZBOT Agent advantages:

    1) Business support and standing
    Recognition by industrial design industry , acknowledgement in the local government of Guangzhou 3D printing industry.Awards by Guangzhou industry design association. Guangzhou patents for industrial science and  technology products.

    2) EU standard:
    The products have passed the most authoritative SGS verification: CE, EMC and FCC , to ensure the safety and stable quality products.

    3) Award:
    The CDA-2012 China design award winner , For  FDM industrial 3D printer.

    4) Patent technical:
    ZBOT products have many core technical patents registered.

    5) Brand manufacture:
    The ZBOT brand manufacture in 3D printer industry supported by government for high quality.

    6) Quality guarantee:
    ZBOT products have been rigorous test through a long time aging program to ensure machine working safety and stability.

    7) After-sales guarantee:
    ZBOT  provide professional after-sales training and repair service for customers.
    8) Support
    ZBOT provides 3D printing and 3D photograph solutions.

    Agency ways:

    1. ZBOT brand   2. OEM     3. ODM

    Agent options:

    1、Agent  with independent legal status or individual who has specific sales experience.

    2、Have sales experience with related products or specific sales connections.

    3、Have experience with developing and managing sales initiatives.

    4、Have the ability to product market promotion plan and carry it out.

    5、Cooperate with our ZBOT to develop market promotion activity.

    Agent requirements:

    1. prospective and confirming the agent products.

    2. Agent to submit agency application, with related agency experience, copy of company or individual business license, copy of tax registration certificate, organization code certificate, office address and contact information.

    3.ZBOT  will confirm the agent qualifications and suitability.

    4.Proposed  agent should provide the initial sales plan and discuss the agency agreement.

    5.Both parties reach an agreement then sign an agency contract.

    6.Agents need to pay in advance  when placing an order with ZBOT.

    7.ZBOT will provide professional and detail after-sales service to all agents.