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Application examples

Network can be used as a domestic 3D printing equipment and technology leader, providing all types of 3D printers for customers, covering the metal, plastic, resin, etc. various kinds of color 3D prin

  • The field of Educational Research

    From the 3D printer along the way of speaking, the initial market is: education, scientific research and design. But from the current pace of development on the 3D, is expected to ...

    The field of Educational Research

  • The cultural and creative fields

    The combination of 3D printing and cultural and creative industries, it is worthy of attention direction. "The printing industry 3D can be used in various modern printing design an...

    The cultural and creative fields

  • Industrial manufacturing field

    The application of 3D printing technology in metal parts manufacturing, metal parts are manufactured in 3D printer precision and strength has improved greatly, it also makes many o...

    Industrial manufacturing field

  • Automobile engineering area

    In the manufacturing process has been developed and the car auto parts parts have been widely used. These applications include automotive dashboard, power protection cover, decorat...

    Automobile engineering area

  • Home-use electron area

    FDM technology has unique advantages in the processing of electronic products, particularly suitable for small size parts and small size plastic proofing has small batch parts mech...

    Home-use electron area