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    The application of 3D printing technology in metal parts manufacturing, metal parts aremanufactured in 3D printer precision and strength has improved greatly, this also let many industries began to look on the 3D print, some have begun large-scale attempt. Seniorobservers predict the metal parts manufactured by 3D printing will one day be able to achieve even more than the traditional manufacturing technology level, after all, cost-effective 3D printing to be higher, in the processing of one component, does not require a lengthyproduction line and complex machining process, only can be completed in a in the printer, the fault points to a minimum, almost gets rid of defective products, it is difficult to compare the traditional manufacturing technology.

    In addition, 3D printing can also produce some complex structures, the traditional technology can not achieve the parts, it will greatly enhance the production efficiency of metal parts. Ibelieve that in the future there will be more 3D printer appears in the field of industrial manufacturing.

    Although 3D printing technology has been developed to help people making a variety of products, but also by the media one after another exposure, but 3D printing ecosystem is stilla niche market and amateur choice, about 3D printing speculation but many, Xin Weitzmansaid, due to the current market demand for 3D printing small, resulting in a large number of3D printers in the idle state, if you want to change this situation, 3D printing technology needs to be improved in the aspects of user experience, print and technical support.

    To the popularity of 3D printing technology, we must make the whole process of printingbecome simple, so that users do not need to learn CAD, do not have to fully understand theknowledge of the hardware can normal use, like the use of plane as printer to press the button, will be able to want to print out something, only to this step, 3D can print into the realera of universal. But the prospects for the development of 3D printing and print 3D printing in the future will be very different, which is a kind of service oriented consumer industries, andwill not develop into a similar print that manufacturing industry.

    There have been many large companies began to plan or have been involved in the field of 3D printing, big companies can have a huge impact on the future development of 3D printing industry, 3D printing workshops will be the dominant position of being acquired or eliminated,the financial strength of the old manufacturers will compete in terms of price and quality, to at that time, 3D printing industry will be like other mature industries, manufacturers get the attention and recognition of consumers.

    However, the current Chinese industry as a whole is messy. Cooperative innovation, toimprove the industry level, let more people feel the 3D printing brings wonderful and convenience, in 2014 China 3D printing industry is the important thing.

    Just print out the 3D model, most of it is not a real product. Even the real cup, also does not mean that can be used for drinking. The traditional mode of production of the cup, we must first consider whether environmental protection material, whether on the human body have side effects. But 3D printing, it is not easy to do, one is the material is not, there is no way toprovide the number, can meet the functional needs of materials, the two is the lack of quality detection means for the family. And print the aircraft, bicycle is just a shell or a model of electronic components and thousands of parts is impossible to print out at once. Print theaircraft, bike etc., can not be used directly, also need to add a variety of components and functions.

    Even if the 3D print something to meet the environmental requirements, different things todifferent materials, for each family to become a factory, to prepare hundreds of materials, but also occupy almost all the time in life, busy to design and print various activities. This cost down will be far higher than the traditional production mode of manufacturing products.

    From the comprehensive comparison on cost accounting, material constraints, technique level, 3D printing can not replace the traditional mode of production, the scale is not up to therequirements, the cost is not worthwhile. 3D cannot print the factory to bid farewell to the lathe, drill, punching machine, molding machine and other traditional tools.

    Of course, in the traditional manufacturing industries, the mold is troublesome, time-consuming, difficult, high cost. 3D printing technology in product design (design model) has been applied widely, which can design the complex, personalized products, can through the 3D printing technology to print out the model, or even directly manufactured products.

    Therefore, 3D printing core meaning is embodied in two aspects: one is the traditional mode of production can not produce the product manufacturing personalized, high complexity,through 3D printing technology can directly manufacture; two is that although the traditional way to manufacture, but the cost is too big, too long period, and through 3D printing technology can to achieve fast, convenient, shorten the cycle, reduce the cost. 3D printing technology as a major change in the traditional mode of production, is a complement to the traditional mode of production beneficial.