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    Widely used in the architectural design industry



    D printing used to build houses, I think the most basic difficulty is only one size. 2 dimensionalprinting all commonly used, one of the most fundamental knowledge is, the larger the size ofthe output, the greater the printer itself. Obviously, the output size range of the printer to a movable nozzle to cover the whole picture, there must be a big circle. In 3 dimensional printingfield, which means: printer than you need a big mansion. The printer size this problem, I seethere are three solutions: 1 full size print. To hard, is to build, the so-called people how bold,how much production. For example: the D-shape.

    他们的机器一个比一个大,所以也比较糙。09年在伦敦听过他们的讲座,谈到他们当年已经成功的把打印dpi(每英寸像素数)从6提高到8,下一年的目标是 12。笑喷了。这个方向的限制很明显:机器越大越难制造,更重要的是机器越大,打印精度和打印速度就会越差。所以现阶段的单一打印主要是解决3d打印房屋 的一些基本问题:材料,控制,精度等。2. 分段组装式打印。建筑模块化,在工厂里每块打印好,最后一起现场组装。好处是解决了房子尺寸的限制,缺点是现场的组装工作又涉及到劳动密集型,提高了成 本。例如这家:Softkill Design.

    Their machines than a large, so it is more rough. 09 years in London heard their lectures,speaking that they have succeeded in putting print DPI (pixels per inch) increased from 6 to 8,12 goals for the next year. Laugh. The direction of the restrictions is obvious: the greater the more difficult machine manufacturing, more important is the machine is bigger, the printing precision and the printing speed will be worse. So a single print stage is mainly to solve some basic problems of 3D printing house: materials, precision control, etc.. The 2 segmentassembled print. The modular building in the factory, each printed together, finally assembled on site. Good is to solve the house size limitation, disadvantage is the site assembly workinvolves the labor intensive, improve the. For example: the Softkill Design.

    A prototype of their houses, is ready to do a full size, sponsored by the manufacturer. Don't look at the structure with garish pansidong like, is actually a piecewise print field assembly. Solightweight and the structure of the material (can reduce manual) become key points. 3 sets ofprinting assembly robot. I personally more optimistic about the way. Is a small robot with beeslike common tasks (such as printing a whole house). So the size of the robot has nothing to do with the size of houses can be very small (can even fly in 3D coordinate work, such as the Swiss ETH doing research in this area); at the same time the robot requirements can be greatly reduced. The self-organizing swarm intelligence method of coordination is now theresearch direction of artificial intelligence.

    This photo you can see a small robot in the building of the wall ran, ran to print. There will be a lot of such a small robot to run, the building finished printing. The actual building is complexabove technologies and new technology. Such as the recent very hot speculation about Norman Foster firm (Beijing T3 terminal designer) in cooperation with the European SpaceDesign Department, the astronauts on the moon base case, using 3D printing technology.

    The basic principle is to use an inflatable structure when the base, then a lightweight materialin aerated spray lunar surface structure, spray after take out the inflatable structure gasspraying material before the formation of an arch shaped shell to provide basic maintenance.The simulation diagram can see several small robot on the roof to run, is also used in robotprinting technology.