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    Biological field hospital



    Print dental technology has matured

    Luo Jun said, 3D printing teeth, bones repair technology is very mature, and quickly spread inthe Department of orthopedics, hospital of Stomatology Hospital, and 3D printing cells, soft tissues, organs and other aspects of technology may also need 5 - 10 years. But he found that in April this year led a delegation to visit China 3D printing Cornell, may be the next two or three years, 3D printing applications will create more miracles in the biomedical field, manyearlier than expected.

    In addition, Luo Jun also told JINGWAH Times reporter, Qingdao 3D Printing Technology Industry Innovation Center Alliance intends to open this year, the centralized procurement of 30 million devices to the member. In addition, also will be a member of the centralizedprocurement of 1000 desktop printers, in the establishment of 100 3D printing classroom.

    3D printing has been applied in the medical field

    Although it is an emerging technology, but the reporter learned that, 3D printing is not limited to the development stage, which has been used in the medical field. In March 27, 2014 and April 3rd, leading the Department of orthopedics of Xijing Hospital of The Fourth Military Medical University professor Guo Zheng team, the titanium prosthesis preparation of the 3D printing technology, were implanted into 3 patients with bone tumors in vivo, repair of bone defects in different parts. Of the 3 patients with diseased parts are the pelvis, scapula and clavicle.