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    The cultural and creative fields



    What is the application of 3D printing in the direction of cultural and creative industries? Chen Guangxue, cultural relics turned digital files, the digital printing process is the process of data acquisition 3D. Apart from the angle of extension, 3D printing on creative design field of great value. 3D printing can be provided to designers of cross-border integration of creative opportunities, providing a broader space of creation. "The 3D print, only you can not think, not to do." Cultural relics is the replication and repair of 3D printing in the application in the field ofcultural and creative highlights.

    "Shorten production time, reduce the cost, make more design model in the same time and budget, the user's choice is also more. For enterprises, the original 1 years design 10 new products, let the customer to choose, can now design 100 new products." Dongguan 3D Printing Technology Association executive director Ceng Xinguo said, the possibility ofapplication of 3D printing in creative design is also very strong, fashion design, animation design, sculpture design has some mature application. Open a 3D photo gallery, culturaltourism product development, 3D printing industry to imagine a large space.

    In theory, the development of 3D technology life cycle is divided into initial stage, expansionstage, the bottom of the bubble period, climbing a bright period, substantial production peak.Luo Baihui believes, 3D printing is now the focus of media attention and public expectations of expansion, the technology itself is not particularly mature. For example, now the types and properties of 3D printing materials Limited, printing efficiency is still low, size, precision,stability is needed to substantially increase.

    However, experts are still optimistic about the future application of 3D printing technology,printing equipment diversification, because reduce the price, 3D printing network services,increase 3D printing materials and applications, is likely to trigger a revolution in the field ofmanufacturing industry. "In the future 3D printing shoes will be more useful, bring the change of manufacturing into mass customization, after everyone's clothes and shoes, can becustomized." Ceng Xinguo believes, 3D printing will lead a new production mode: consumerscan arbitrarily change the model length, volume, color, place an order in the Taobao printshop, today well, tomorrow you can express. This production organization mode may not replace mass manufacturing, but the current cultural and creative industries, the manufacturing industry is a very good supplement.