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    The field of Educational Research



    3D printers into the school, into the classroom

    From the 3D printer along the way of speaking, the initial market is: education, scientific research and design. But from the current pace of development on the 3D, is expected to soon enter the family a great chance of printer. As American scientists said, when you get oldage, you can scan the 3D data into the computer to save teeth, if the teeth fall out, can putout 3D data directly with a 3D printer, to the hospital the doctor directly to set on it, to ensure the "genuine original". Application case of 3D printer are more and more people used to think that Arabian Nights things into reality.

    Stratasys CEO David Reis: in theory, any one engaged in the design and product development of people can use 3D printing. All from the design field started, 3D printer will soon become 3D design tools. Most users from aviation, automobile, medicine and dentistry,the consumer market and the field of education. Maybe using a 3D printer is the largest field of education, because education is the beginning of all industries. You need to train students to master the skills of industries and fields, how to use these tools.